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sc - provide console for system connected to a serial device


     Escape Character
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sc [-fmq] [-e escape] [-p parameters] [-s speed] [device]


The sc utility opens the specified serial device and configures it according to the given parameters. It then relays characters received on the device to the terminal, and forwards characters from the terminal to the device.

The optional device (default "cuad0") is the name of the device special file to open for the serial device. If the name does not include a "/", "/dev" will be prepended.

The following options are available:
-e ch Sets the escape character to use. Setting the character to "none" disables any escapes.
-f Use hardware flow control. Sets the CRTSCTS flag on the serial device to enable hardware flow control. The actual effect of CRTSCTS depends on the device driver.
-m Honor the modem control lines. Normally, sc sets the CLOCAL flag on the serial device to ignore modem control lines. The actual effect of CLOCAL depends on the device driver.
-p bits-per-character parity stop-bits
  Set serial character format. The first digit specifies the number of data bits in a character (5, 6, 7, or 8). The middle character determines parity (Even, None, or Odd). The last digit sets the number of stop bits (1 or 2). Default "8N1".
-p speed
  Use speed bits per second. Available rates depend on the serial device. Default 9600 bps.
-q Be quiet. By default, sc will report the device and parameters used before making the connection, and will report the end of the connection before terminating. With this option, only errors will be reported.
-? Print usage summary.

    Escape Character

The escape character can be used to end the connection to the serial device, send special characters over the connection, and terminate sc. The escape character must always follow a newline to be interpreted as special. It can be changed using the -e option.

The supported escapes (assuming the default ~’) are:
~~ Send a single ~ to the device.
~. Disconnect.
~B Send a BREAK to the device, if supported by the driver.


stty(1) termios(4) tty(4)


The sc utility was written by Stefan Bethke <>.

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